• Event Management

    Social media has challenged event management in many ways, demanding new skills. And bloggers, podcasters, and the like have different needs than typical attendees, analysts, press, and sponsors.

    Event Management
  • Video Production

    Foskett Services has a variety of video production tools at our disposal, allowing us to produce video content for our clients.

    Video Production
  • Ambassador Programs

    Foskett Services has developed a program that encourages engagement in online forums through the participation of social media “ambassadors” who create compelling content. 

    Ambassador Programs
  • Writing

    In this digital age, the written word has become more important than ever. We are pleased to offer a variety of content-production services.

  • Seminars and Workshops

    Public speaking has become increasingly important in the newly-digitized world. We believe that in-person seminars and workshops are one of the best mechanisms to educate and drive consensus.

    Seminars and Workshops

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